Ceramic Triangle Cell Filters for Metal Filtration & Casting

Applied Ceramics is leading the charge in advanced technology in metal filtration with specialized triangle cell filters. This design allows us to provide more control over the flow rate while achieving better filtration.

What are
Triangle Cell Filters?

The triangle cell is a way to improve on the square cell design. We enhance one of the best aspects of square cell filtration. The enhancement comes from improving the fluid dynamics to increase filtration efficiency while providing better control over the flow rate.

Triangle Cell Filters Serve Several Key Functions


Filtering Impurities

They remove particles and inclusions from the molten metal, which could otherwise lead to defects in the final casting.


Regulating Flow

Triangle filters help control the flow rate of the molten metal, ensuring it fills the mold evenly and at the right speed to avoid defects like air entrapment or turbulence.


Enhancing Quality

By filtering out impurities and regulating flow, these filters contribute to the overall quality and integrity of the cast product

Advantages of Our Ceramic Honeycomb Design for Triangle Cell Filters

Utilizing a high-grade ceramic honeycomb design, these filters achieve unparalleled purity, ensuring a cleaner and more stable flow essential for intricate and elaborate casting processes.

Challenges in Metal Casting & How Our Filters Overcome Them

Ensuring Consistent Metal Flow


In metal casting, maintaining a consistent flow of molten metal is crucial to avoid defects. Variability in flow can lead to issues like turbulence, which can introduce voids and/or inclusions.

Our Solution

Our Triangle Cell Filters are designed to create a uniform laminar flow. The unique triangular cell structure helps smooth the metal flow, reducing turbulence and ensuring a consistent, defect-free casting.

Achieving Optimal Filtration Efficiency


Removing impurities effectively without obstructing metal flow is a critical balance in filtration. Inadequate filtration can compromise the quality of the final product.

Our Solution

Fluid dynamics happening above the filter cause a density separation that keeps less dense particles from entering the filter (dross, other ceramic material, oxides.) Oxides and ceramics like to adhere to ceramics. The interaction between the filter body and other items will create scrap inclusions/scrap.  This creates laminar flow out of the filter, reducing defects.

Minimizing Waste & Reducing Costs


Inefficient filtration can lead to higher scrap rates and increased production costs due to rework and material wastage.

Our Solution

The efficiency of our Triangle Cell Filters improves the quality of castings and significantly reduces scrap and rework. This translates to cost savings and more sustainable production practices.

Adapting to Diverse Casting Needs


Different casting processes and metals require specific filtration characteristics, which standard filters might not always provide.

Our Solution

We offer customization in terms of size, shape, and material of the filters to meet the diverse needs of various casting applications, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the casting environment.

Durability & Longevity


Frequent replacement of filters due to wear and tear increases operational costs and downtime.

Our Solution

Our filters are not only effective but also durable. The robust construction and quality materials ensure a longer lifespan, reducing the frequency of replacements and maintenance requirements.

Our Process: 
Customizing Triangle Cell Filters For Your Needs

Why Triangle Filters
From Applied Ceramics?

When choosing the right filter, consider factors like the type of metal being cast, the desired flow rate, and the level of filtration required. Our team at Applied Ceramics can guide you through these considerations, ensuring you select the most effective filter for your specific needs.

Reduced Operational Costs

By minimizing casting defects and improving process efficiency, these filters significantly cut down on waste and rework, translating to considerable savings in operational expenses.

Rapid Manufacturing Capability

One of the standout features of our filters is the speed at which they can be produced. This rapid manufacturing process ensures that we can meet high demand without sacrificing quality.

Quick Integration into Existing Systems

Our filters are designed for easy integration into existing casting setups, minimizing downtime and accelerating the transition to improved filtration.

Meeting The Performance Needs of High-Stakes Industries

The reliability and precision of our filters are integral in producing high-quality parts for jet engines, medical devices, automotive parts, and all other industries where even the smallest imperfection can have significant consequences.

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